I think most runners have learned to strike a healthy balance loving and hating our sport. For the most part, getting out there is a pleasure, but at times the thought of dragging yourself out of a warm house to go punish yourself going up some steep hills just sounds DREADFUL.

Unfortunately, I’m all too familiar with the downsides of skipping training runs before a half marathon, and it seems I’m falling back into the same pattern. While the streak has at least been getting me outside and moving, the usual work and house related stress has been keeping those runs short. I felt the effect of it this past weekend on a ten-miler that slowed to a crawl by the end. Five miles out in fact, I slightly rolled my ankle on an errant hole, and called my girlfriend Jenn to see if she’d come pick me up. After I called though, my ankle started feeling better, and I felt like I didn’t want to use this as an excuse to quit. So, I plodded along.

I talk a lot about slumps, but I don’t always feel this way. At the beginning of #keepstreakingCLE in fact, I was not only hitting the streets, but also hitting the gym almost every day!

And that has a lot to do with it, actually. Motivation is of course a very personal experience, and for me, it seems to center on momentum. And by momentum I mean, having ALL MY SHIT TOGETHER. When I’m on, I’m on. I’m on top of all my emails, my finances, my diet, my workouts, my house, my work, everything. And unfortunately, when even one thing tips out of balance (typically work or the house), I throw it all out the door.

Little by little, I collect myself. I tackle my laundry, I commit to my emails. And once again, I feel on top of things, and my workouts get more consistent as well.

This isn’t the greatest pattern, but I’m happy to recognize it. Maybe I can start figuring out a way to still be productive and healthy during my slumps. Does anyone else face similar motivation challenges? How do you overcome them?



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