ACS 5K Bra Dash

Saturday, November 5, 2016
~45°F, 8:30am Crocker Park

The ACS 5K Bra Dash was an obvious choice for us. The good cause and the allure of some goofy race gear/themed swag really drew us in…but R didn’t pre-register again and this race was all the way in Westlake, which is a hike from Cleveland Heights.

Luckily, we got moving early enough and Crocker Park wasn’t open when we were running, so traffic wasn’t bad. R got himself registered quickly and we went back to the safety of the car to soak up some heat – we are realizing that cold race season is here and even though the chilly temperatures make us complain a bit, it’s great running weather!

While in the car, we found that R looked particularly good with his head wrapped like a babushka using the cool bandana/ear warmer/hood that we got with race registration.


R also really enjoyed the “bra crowns” the race organizers were giving out and he opted to run the whole race wearing one.

Despite the goofy fun of the race, R put a little pressure on himself to pick the pace up during this run. Being in Crocker Park, we were near some of our most loyal fans who hadn’t seen him run before! While pushing himself was fun, unfortunately a bit before the halfway turnaround the same leg issue that’s cropped up before happened again. Since his leg apparently thinks that sustaining a few miles at a pace of under 9:00 minutes is too much to bear, maybe it’s actually time to make that doctor’s appointment. This issue’s not going to get better by his ignoring it.

K also was feeling the urge to run fast this race (but her reasoning was a little less intentional and more on the natural side of things, as she’s nearing the end of some speedwork training for a half marathon and her legs are ready to GO). As the race started, she settled into her normal 5K pace, but then noticed some people passing her and challenged herself to catch back up to someone. That someone happened to be a speedy man who kept surging further and further ahead for the last 1.5 miles. With around .20 miles to go, she finally passed him and crossed the finish line, happy to have met her goal and unaware of her place!


It was probably a combination of the weather and the fun race swag, but we really enjoyed this 5K. The people were positive and friendly and the route was fairly flat, making for a pleasant course and good morning!

Bonus: We both placed in the top 3 in our AGs, but were too busy hanging with friends and gobbling bagels to accept our awards. 😉

-K & R

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