City Sights: October

Confession: I love October.

I know, the weather can be kind of crappy sometimes and it usually marks the end of outdoor activities here in Cleveland, but I love it. I like cooler weather in general (NOT freezing, windy, snowy weather necessarily, just cooler) and…OK FINE I LIKE FALL. THE LEAVES ARE PRETTY AND I LIKE PUMPKIN PIE AND BOOTS AND SCARVES AND MAYBE THAT MAKES ME BASIC, WHATEVER THAT MEANS, BUT IS THAT SUCH A BAD THING?!

But what really ties all of this together is my love for Halloween. I love spooky imagery, scary movies, costumes, costume parties, and Halloween tunes. So, I occasionally go on Halloween decoration runs (similar to when people drive around looking at Christmas lights) and this one had me giggling.


The whole front yard was covered in gravestones and this “mudbloods beware” one was super entertaining.


It’s fitting that I’m writing this post the day after the end of the World Series. As you all know, we fell to the Cubs after a final strong push took us into the 10th inning. I’m not the biggest Indians fan in the world, but no one would argue that I love this city.


This pic is dedicated to the Tribe – congrats on an amazing series, and here’s to next year!

You’ve all seen these new signs around the city now. In fact, this was the last of the three that I had to visit in person. I took this on an early morning run in Lakewood and around Edgewater. The sunrise made it quite the sight, though it’s hard not to get a good picture of one of these.

This run itself wasn’t without incident. It was quite early, and dark, and I was running down a hill toward a no-outlet parking lot. There was a car in the lot, and one just about to leave it. It stopped at the exit of the lot as I ran down the hill, and once I passed it, it backed up back into the lot. I was a little spooked, and instead of running back around the lot like I would have, I found a tiny path into the woods and bolted into there instead.

Creepy! At the time, my paranoid mind thought maybe I’d stumbled onto some unsavory business, but more than likely it was a couple of other early risers enjoying the sunrise.

One more time for the Indians, and Happy Halloween!



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