Munday Runday: Pace Games

We’ve written before on how we don’t love running on the treadmill (or at least we’ve mentioned it in our Runkeeper tweets), but there is one advantage to the machine that you don’t have outside.

As always, I love looking at numbers, and I really like being able to see and set the exact pace at which to run. I’ve started playing a little game right at the end to push me through the last quarter mile.

At a quarter mile left, I like to set my pace back down to 6.0 miles per hour (usually I’m hovering around 6.5 for most of the run). Once I hit .2 miles left, I increase my pace by 0.1 mph for every 0.01 miles I run. So, for the rest of my run, I’m speeding up till I hit 8.0 mph.

Not only is it fun to speed up at the end, it’s also just something to do! I’m clicking the speed up every few seconds, so it makes the last bit of the run fly by. Sometimes if I’m bored, I’ll start doing this even earlier, or go up and back down, or other similar games with speed.

It’s getting colder again, so I’m sure there’ll be a lot of treadmill runs in my near future. Does anyone have other ways to kill the time when running inside?



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