Race Recap: Scarecrow Scurry 5k

Saturday, October 22, 2016
~45°F and windy, 9:00am Edgewater Park

This race morning started off like any other: K worrying that R wouldn’t wake up before she picked him up. Luckily, she was bringing some leftover cold pizza and that woke him up. Who wouldn’t perk up at the mention of pizza at 8:15am?

We got to the race with enough time to grab our bibs and put our T-shirts in the car. While this race advertised a costume contest, very few people actually came in costume and it was likely due to the surprisingly cold morning. It looked like the race organizers elected to show up as breakfast foods. Somehow we didn’t see any pizzas. The wind coming off of the lake certainly didn’t help and it was clearly the group’s first foray into cold running this year. In the end, the temperature wasn’t too much of a problem and actually ended up being a really good day for a run. The weather made us think back to some of the excruciating runs in the summer heat – we don’t really miss those either! We decided our ideal running weather is actually in winter, but after we’ve gotten over the transition from fall. So next month, WE’LL BE READY.

Similar to our last race, R took off quickly and K finished fast. We have different running styles that we’ve developed over the year and it’s becoming obvious what our preferences are.

Overall, it was a good race and we were happy to see Nooma there. We’ve treated ourselves to post-run Nooma the past two races we’ve run and can definitely say we’re huge fans (K prefers the chocolate mint, maybe because she loves drinking chocolate milk after working out; R prefers the blueberry peach!) While we thought the weather was going to put a damper on the day, it definitely didn’t and we’re SO ready for some cool fall and winter challenges.


PS – you may notice we look squeaky clean and fresh in the picture above. Somehow we forgot to take our post-race selfie until we were already showered and over to lunch at Stone Oven!

Check out what festive race we ran last October!


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