5 Ways to Annoy Your Running Partner

Having been running partners since the beginning of 2014 (WOW), we sure know how to annoy each other! (Or at least R knows how to annoy K 😉 ) Just like any friends that spend a lot of time around each other, we also know how to deal with annoyances. (Or at least K knows how to deal with R 😉 )

Anyways, below are our top 5 ways to annoy your running partner. Let us know in the comments if you have any surefire ways to get on your running partner’s nerves!


  1. Skip a race

R: Memory fails me, but I think this would have been my first official 5K… had I run it. I didn’t know K that well, but a few friends got excited about running a race together! Now, I had been running a bit on my own, but certainly wasn’t training, and had no idea what an “official” race actually meant. Looking back, I can’t even imagine skipping out on a race that I’m registered for! While it seems rote now, back then the race time seemed so… EARLY. We were still in college, and 7am classes were something to be avoided like the plague. On the morning of the race, I woke up groggy, and wondered if this was was really going to happen. Bryden (our third running buddy) and I called each other and sleepily lamented,

“…are you going?”
“IDK, are you?”
“I’m so tired.”
“Maybe let’s not”

Did either of us even call K?? I don’t know! As far as I know, she just showed up to the race alone. Well, things have certainly changed – we’ve run over 30 races together now, and Bryden is training for a full marathon. Look how far we’ve come!

K: When this happened, we weren’t yet running our monthly race, so it wasn’t THAT big of a deal, but I can say I was pretty disappointed. Here are a couple of other close calls:
A Most Excellent Race 10K
St. Luke Church 5K Pilgrim Run and Michalko Mile

  1. Forget to register


K: Enough said.


  1. Leave all of your stuff in her car

R: Look forward to a post in the future documenting all the things that I’ve left either in K’s car or K’s house. It ranges from shirts, to keys, to cell phone chargers, to cell phones, to bananas to… the list goes on. Thankfully, after months and months of this, I inadvertently got better at not forgetting things. Kind of makes me sad, really. I’ll have to take off a sock next time and leave it, for old times’ sake.

K: STOP. DON’T. … or maybe I’ll leave a sock in R’s car because #guhaDOdrive now.


  1. Bump elbows during the race

R: Cardinal sin of running together? Eww sweaty elbow bumps. But, sometimes it’s inevitable. Those race routes can be hard to follow.



  1. Invite her out to drink the night before a race

R: Listen maybe it’s not the best decision… but we’re young! Now is the time!


The beginning.PNG




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