Labor of Love Run 4 Our Lady of The Wayside

Sunday, September 18, 2016
~72°, 8:30am Rocky River High School

This race was exciting until the morning of. We were feeling a little sad because one of our favorite bars, The Barking Spider, was suddenly closing that weekend and, honestly, just sluggish. 4 miles felt daunting (K just wasn’t in a great mood and R mentioned that he was using races as his workouts and maybe that should change…). But a 4 mile race! You don’t see many of those, so we stuck to our guns and dragged our butts out to Rocky River.

We got lined up and R started hauling ass as soon as the race began. The first 1.5 miles were a fast-paced blur (something that K doesn’t usually do–the first mile is for finding a good pace and easing into something quicker!). After that, K broke ahead of R and made it through the first 3 miles fine, but that last mile was suddenly a struggle mentally and physically…UNTIL SUPERMAN SHOWED UP. K is competitive, so when Superman threatened to pass her, she sped up and they paced each other through the final mile. The race ended for K on a wildly better note than it started–Superman raced her through the final lap on the track and beat her by a few seconds, but it was FUN. The race was actually a race, complete with comments from the crowd in that final kick of speed.

Meanwhile, R took advantage of one of the best things he’s learned to do these past couple years: running while hungover. Maybe someday he’ll outgrow the need for this particular ability, but it doesn’t seem like anytime soon. Thankfully he’d gotten up early that morning and downed some water, and once the race started, felt pretty good tearing through the beginning! After a fast start, he started getting a bit weathered. But the route (and speaking of, also the weather) was beautiful and the 4 miles went by pretty quickly.

Overall, this was a great race day. We got past our initial issues and had a great race. This one was for a great cause and Dairy Queen was even there for our first post-race ice cream treat! Tiny blizzards FTW. And we can’t forget Nooma, handing out delicious hydration and coupons, also winners!



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