Munday Runday: Pressure

I’ve known that I work well under pressure since I was old enough to know what it meant to experience pressure. My parents can confirm that I was a bit of a procrastinator in school, but I did well! I worked well under pressure! Sometimes I’d have moments of panic, but when it came down to it, that essay, book report, speech, or science project always turned out just fine, even if it meant the evening before was a bit high-stress.
The same goes for training and racing. I work so much better under pressure. I recently chose my fall half marathon for 2016 and lined up my training plan. I was lollygagging through my runs this summer until I realized I officially had a countdown for the big day. A week after choosing my race and plan, I’ve stuck to my schedule and felt some extra motivation to make a few appearances at the gym! So, bring it on, pressure. I’ve got this!



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