City Sights: August

As we mentioned in our race recap, K was going to be out of town every weekend in August, so it’s no surprise that her city sights for this month aren’t from Cleveland.

This year, a group of friends got together and decided to go camping for a little “friend-cation” and it.was.perfect. A good friend of ours, Lindsey, grew up in Zaneville, Ohio, and her wonderful parents allowed us to camp on their property the first weekend of August (my birthday weekend). Of course, I planned on doing some celebrating over the weekend, but I also planned on doing some running. I just wasn’t sure what to expect and how much mileage I would be able to squeeze in during the relaxing and imbibing.

Saturday, I managed to get up fairly early and crank out a few miles on the winding hills near the campsite. The scenery was beautiful and this run was a great addition to my birthday weekend. It was a perfect change of pace (literally and figuratively) from my usual runs in Cleveland.


Ughh I was so excited to go for a run in Zanesville with K, but unfortunately I didn’t get to Zanesville until Saturday afternoon, so I missed the morning run.

“Well why didn’t you just run on Sunday morning then”, you ask.

Because of Lindsey’s. Mom’s. Margaritas.


Those things were brutal.

ANYWAY, my City Sights run is in fact from out of town as well. Recently I was in Pittsburgh for the delightful Abstractions conference. I managed to get a run in two mornings, and despite the rivalry with Cleveland, I fell in love with its downtown. The geography is complex and fun, and the hills are monstrous.


The second morning I was running (ha-HA!) a little behind, so instead of going for a long run, I did some sprints up this hill by my hotel:


Another city in the books!



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