Nike Summer Race Series

We know, we know. This is SUPER late, but we couldn’t just overlook our August race, especially because it was an unusual one. August has just been crazy for us, but we promise we’ve been running!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
~90F and SUPER HUMID, 6:00pm Edgewater Park

This race was unusual for obvious reasons. It was an evening 5K and on a Wednesday! This race also saved our race-a-month streak, since K was going to be out of town EVERY weekend in August. Thanks, Nike and Hermes, for organizing a unique race series!

We drove separately and while K was nervous R was going to be late, he arrived with about 5 minutes to spare. (I guess #guhaDOdrive now…)

There is no question, this was one of the hottest races we’ve run, probably because we were running during the time of day when the sun had warmed everything and was still beating down on Edgewater Park. To add to the uniqueness, even though the venue was familiar, the course was a bit of a departure! The race started in the middle of one of Edgewater’s grassy fields, and ended with a straightaway sprint down the same. While many races cross over some grass between roads, we can’t recall many that feature it as a part of the route.

All things considered, we ran pretty fast and only complained about the heat and lack of breeze a few times. 😉

Afterwards, we stuck around for the burgers and pizza, which was a nice change from our usual eggs and bloody mary treats. All in all, it was a great race and a good divergence from the familiar 5Ks we run.

Here’s what we were doing last August: A Run Through History AND Rugger Run.

-K & R


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