Munday Runday: Surprise Hill Training

Maybe I’m crazy, but when I see a hill, I think about running it. Sometimes I even get excited and plan on running the crazy hills that I find, especially when we’re traveling.

E and I have spent a lot of the past month in the Cincinnati area, particularly with some friends who live in Blue Jay, near the Whitewater Forest. While there were some plans to go running in the park, things didn’t work out and I was unable to go sightseeing there. Instead, our friend suggested that I run the street that they live on, which is a half mile. While I wasn’t keen on running out and back 3 times to hit my 3 mile goal, I’d rather do that than not at all.

So, I set out to run and quickly realized that that simple half mile wasn’t so simple after all. The ENTIRE half mile out is hill after hill after hill and they are NO JOKE. Scary, exhausting, and perfect! Surprise hill training! I managed to run a little over 3 miles and had so much fun climbing those hills. It was nice to challenge myself mentally and physically on a hot Saturday morning. 🙂




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