Munday Runday: First Floor


ISli0z4rsmmlz30000000000I used to live downtown. For three years, I got to be in the middle of an exciting new Cleveland, and run through the now-familiar streets.

I loved it, but for several reasons, I recently moved out to the sorta-’burbs of Cleveland Heights. And not least among those reasons: my ground floor door.

See, downtown running is great, but being up on the SIXTEENTH floor meant sixteen floors of slow elevators, up and down, every time I wanted to go run. This maybe doesn’t seem like a big deal, but trust me, it can make the difference if you’re already on the fence.

And while the work of home ownership may have kept me from a few runs now, I’ve already noticed how much nicer it is. Strap on my shoes, put in my headphones, and step out the door. Done. Running.


(And an added bonus: all of the above applies to walking the dog as well!)


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