Munday Runday: 2 Dope Queens

I love me some podcasts, but I usually go for Radiolab or The No Sleep Podcast.

I don’t usually like stand up comedy and have a hard time convincing myself to sit through a whole set. If jokes are funny, then it’s good, but if they’re bad, it’s SO BAD. I’m one of those people that physically feels embarrassment for others, so sometimes stand up comedians are really difficult for me to handle because if they bomb, I feel that pain too.

Well, it just so happens that Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich of Radiolab used their popular platform to introduce 2 Dope Queens and hooked me.

I am IN LOVE with these ladies and the show they organize is nothing short of fantastic. Sure, not every comedian they introduce is hilarious to me, but overall Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are pretty dang good at being hilarious and at curating comedy! Also very cool: they’re super strong, opinionated outspoken feminists and I love that.

Turns out, I love laughing when I’m running! I’m pretty sad that the regular episodes of 2 Dope Queens have run out for me, but the occasional bonus podcast is a nice surprise and, let’s be real, sometimes hearing the same joke twice isn’t so bad!



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