Solon Home Days 5K Space Odyssey

Saturday, July 30, 2016
~80°F and SUPER HUMID, 9:15am Solon Community Center

What a quirky race day!

To be perfectly honest, the heat and mugginess was kind of getting us down, and we weren’t really looking forward to the run, but an enthusiastic warm-up instructor, a nice man after the race, and a special surprise turned it all around for us!
Now that #guhaDOdrive, he offered to drive us to the Solon Home Days 5K…but not all was perfect, since he
didn’t pre-register!! But luckily, we arrived with plenty of time to register and even walk a few laps around the Solon Community Center.

K: During the race, I didn’t really think about much other than how hot it was and that I felt like I was swimming through the humidity. It was no doubt a tough 5K and especially after a difficult week mentally and physically, I struggled. But, there were two happy distractions: memories of other races and a fun game of leapfrog with a ~10 year old. This race was like a combination of past 5Ks for me: The Fur Fun 5K and the Memorial Day 5K I ran at my old high school this year. As we came out of the woods at the beginning of the race and as we finished, I got flashbacks of these other races – the scenery and the vibe of the races were similar; the sense of community was heartwarming and everyone gathered and chatted about their run in the parking lot afterwards.

Despite our heat-driven dolefulness, we actually felt pretty good after the run. A nice man engaged us afterward, talking about our race paces and his other runs. His excitement made us feel like we were looking into our futures! We weren’t quite ready to stop moving and get back into the stuffy car, so we made a few more laps around the community center (and logged plenty more steps on our fitness devices).

After a couple of parking lot laps, we decided to enjoy a bit of air conditioning before hopping in the car and walked in on the awards ceremony. Thinking we’d listen for a bit and see how well everyone did, we stopped just in time to hear the female 25-30 age group, followed by the male 25-30 age group…and we BOTH PLACED. Had we just gone home to shower and get on with our days, we would have missed the surprise!

Another fun quirk: We accidentally wore the same race shirt, just from different years – this is becoming a more common coincidence as we build up race history with individual races and as a team.

We planned on not getting brunch or letting our whole morning slip away, but since we ran so well, we had to celebrate. And what better way than with some Amy Joy donuts?! We scarfed our donuts sitting outside and reflected on what a fun morning it turned out to be!

We’re not very consistent with the race we run every July since summer gets busy quickly, and we only registered for this race because it’s the only race that would work in our schedules. It turned out to be such a great experience that we’re definitely going to try to make it to this one again next year!

Don’t forget: We were just as sweaty last year.

-K and R


3 thoughts on “Solon Home Days 5K Space Odyssey”

  1. Don’t tell Zack that you guys had Amy Joy donuts – they were his favorite growing up in Solon! It’s like you guys had Zack Meisel Childhood Celebration Day.

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