Withings Activity Tracker

I used to wear a FitBit Zip and LOVED it, but it wasn’t the most practical when it came to a lot of outfits. If I was wearing pants that didn’t have pockets or going braless or wearing a dress that was a little tighter, I couldn’t really use my Zip (where would I clip it?!) and the thought of missing my steps was A NIGHTMARE. If I’m collecting data, I want ALL of it! But, despite growing out of it, I was still sad when the Zip officially died on me.

So, my FitBit officially pooped out last summer and it was time for me to start shopping around for a new activity tracker. I knew I didn’t want one of the bracelet styles because I just don’t like the aesthetic of them. If you like them, life is probably way easier for you when it comes to fitness tracker shopping, but I just couldn’t bring myself to wear what was glaringly an activity tracker.

Nearly a year later, RunKeeper offered me a deal on Withings watches in exchange for something like 20 minutes of activity. I always sign up for the RunKeeper challenges for a little extra motivation and have actually never taken advantage of the deals, but this one caught my eye and I did some research on Withings after signing up for the challenge. SOLD.

E was also sold, since he’s also a watch-wearer and he recently got rid of his Apple watch. So, he immediately got himself one at Best Buy that same day and because they didn’t have the one I wanted in stock, ordered me one via Amazon as an early birthday gift.

The watches look like what they are: watches. There’s an extra dial on the face of the clock that shows what percentage you are at in relation to your daily goal, which can be adjusted and viewed through the accompanying app on your iPhone. You can also use the watch to set up alarms that gently wake you in accordance to your sleep cycles and set reminders to meet healthy goals like water intake and evening walks.

I’ve been using the watch for a little over a week now and I haven’t been disappointed yet. The only struggle I had was pairing it with my phone (that could have been because I was trying to do so immediately after coming down from a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting/high on Benadryl), so now I’m back to obsessively counting steps and recording data!



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