June City Sights and Race Recap: Running with a Mission 5K Run

This post will be a little unusual – below you’ll find our recap of the Running With A Mission 5K, hosted by Peace Racing and held at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo as well as our June City Sights (R didn’t have many sights that weren’t boxes and paint cans in his new house this month).

Saturday, June 18, 2016
70°F, 8:30am, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Hello to the first race we ran together since the Half! And the first race we’ve ran EVER that R drove us to! Running with a Mission gave us quite a morning!

Last time we ran at the zoo was around two years ago, for the Little Race for a Big Cause race in October 2014. We had a love/hate relationship with the course: it’s obviously a fun route, since there are animals everywhere, but there’s also a MONSTER hill that seems to last forever. This time though, it had been so long that we were almost looking forward to conquering a tough course.

During the race, we got to check out the zoo and all of the beautiful animals, including flamingos, wallabies, elephants, and more! We knew we had to say hi to the wallabies, since they ran along the fence line with us the last time we were here. Walking around the zoo was a nice cool down and we spent a lot of time taking in the sights before heading out for brunch.

After doing some googling while we strolled around the zoo, we decided to head to XYZ the Tavern. There we indulged in some bloody marys (don’t act surprised), french fries (to satisfy a craving), and split a BLTA. We learned a lesson that day: split your food to make room for the cocktails and you won’t feel super gross at brunch!


As usual, another great race day brought to us by Peace Racing, and a great kickoff to summer running!

Here’s what we ran in June 2015.



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