Munday Runday: RoadID [Again]

I know what you’re thinking. “Stop it with the Road ID heart eyes, K!” and/or “Here we go again!”

But for real, I’m not going to stop. I said it last time and I’ll say it every time. This is a great company with a fantastic goal and equally as fantastic products.

Last week, Road ID announced the Slim 2, so I obviously had to check it out. I currently have the Slim and I love it, but why not see what kind of improvements have been made? I was immediately sold. I had often longed for one of the clasped bracelets the company offers because stretching the band of the bracelet over my hand sometimes let the badges loose. Plus, I have small wrists and the larger bracelets seemed like they would be cumbersome.

The time has finally come! The Slim 2 has a clasp! I didn’t have to think twice about ordering a new band and clasp. And, as usual, the package came quickly and cleverly wrapped. 🙂


Needless to say, I’m in love and suggest you check out Road ID for your safety and some cool running accessories.

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