Munday Runday: Summer is Here!

Happy first day of summer, folks!

I’ve been known to use weather as an excuse for my laziness quite a bit and I feel like summer is when that really starts to happen. For some reason, I view the heat as more dangerous than the freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. So, with the summer heat upon us, I’m going to try to renew my motivation and get out there in the heat, humidity, and sun. (Safely, of course.)

Bring on the:

  • Sweat and greasy sunblock in my eyes;
  • Deodorant reapplications at the gym;
  • [Hopefully] shorts with enough elastic that they won’t ride up and let my thighs chafe; and
  • The fun one: timing my running so that I catch the sprinklers that are overshooting from lawns onto the sidewalks and roads.




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