Living Close to the Gym

About a year and a half ago, I had no idea what it was like to be a member of a gym outside of the membership that came with my college tuition. I was anxious about finding a good gym, paying good money to be healthy, and trying to make it worth it. I ended up joining Anytime Fitness in Cleveland Heights for a few reasons, but the main reason is…

…it’s a mile away from home.


Aside from price, distance from home was my main focus when looking for the right gym. I knew that if I joined a gym there would be pressure to get there regularly and get my money’s worth. While living close to the gym hasn’t always forced me to go, it certainly makes it easier to work the trip to the gym into my schedule. 

And here are my favorite perks of being close to Anytime Fitness:

  • I can run there. Being a mile away from home means I can actually work my trip to the gym into my training or exercise routine. It’s great for when I’m trying to focus on lifting weights and the weather is cooperating (heh…). I can use my mile jog to the gym as a warmup and my mile home as a cooldown, whether I’m walking or jogging. This way, I feel better because I’ve gotten at least a couple of miles in running that day as well as focused on some cross training, which I’ve been known to neglect.
  • I can bike there. I can also bike to the gym for the same reasons and purpose as above, but it also saves a bit of time! I don’t have any excuses if I sleep in a little bit because I can cruise to the gym on my bike and still get a good workout in. I also take a little “back road” route and hit some nice challenging hills so I feel like I’m really working my legs and getting some good cardio in.

All of these are bonus because even if I were further away from Anytime Fitness, it would still be the best gym for me. It’s small, friendly, and has everything I need to work on my fitness and feel comfortable during my workouts.



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