City Sights: May

In early May, I was out for a Cleveland Marathon training run. It was a typical spring evening and I LOVED it. I had gotten dinner made, eaten, cleaned the house, and headed out around 8pm. It was still light out, there was a light mist, and the temperature was warm but not humid. I mean, could it get any better?


I was running some pretty streets in Cleveland Heights and stumbled across something quite shocking. When I got over the shock, I giggled somewhat uncontrollably.

A mediocre YA book past its due date!

LOL, right?

But for real. This book was so perfectly abandoned, it was shaded by a tree so the mist wasn’t damaging the paper and it had barely moved around in its jacket.

I would have attempted a rescue mission, but I’m guessing it was a student’s and that student might be retracing his or her steps to find the book. Plus, how embarrassing would it be to be seen running with this gigantic abomination?



Speaking of Twilight (Eclipses? Other celestial phenomena?), this month I caught a sight that was pretty out of this world. On May 22, our friendly neighbor Mars was directly opposite the sun, causing it to shine bright in the sky next to the moon.

Now, granted, coming off the heels of the half, this wasn’t on a run. But, it was a night-time walk along the route of my 11-miler, so I’m going to say it counts. And these pics are too cool not to share.


Snapchat-322970427338389814 (1).jpg



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