Munday Runday: Shopping Haul

I recently wrote about my half marathon rituals, which included a shopping trip, so I thought I’d share my finds!

IMG_0497I went to TJ Maxx and Target, my two favorite stores to get running apparel. I found the hat, bra, and shorts at TJ Maxx and the capris at Target. Overall, I was a little disappointed in the selection at TJ Maxx and sad that I didn’t find anything flashy or crazy looking.

I am, however, very excited to try out the hat, which is by hind – this will be my first running hat!

The bra is also exciting, as it’s one of my favorite brands, Marika. I picked this item up at around 26% of the price on the website…SCORE.


I don’t run in shorts much because of chafing. They ride up and then I get inner thigh chafing (the stuff of nightmares). I found these MPG shorts that have a nice lining and are a great length, so I’m hoping they work well for the warm mornings ahead!


These leggings are AMAZING. They’re C9 by Champion, one of my favorites for leggings, but they’re a step up from my usuals. They’ve got vented panels (for farts?) and the fabric is a little thicker. I’m not sure these will be great in the heat of summer, but they’ll be perfect for season transitions.


Do you have any favorite brands or places to shop for running gear?


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