Munday Runday: Tapering

If you’ve read any of my personal training posts, you know that I’ve been struggling a bit with some burnout the past couple of weeks. I think this might be because I’ve been training a little longer and harder than I usually do on top of using a new training plan. I don’t know if anyone else goes through this, but I’m just getting a little sick of trying to meet certain mileage or time goals. I know my race pace, I know that I’m capable of it, and whatever happens on race day happens…I know that sounds a tad negative, but I’m just so ready to run. It’s like when you studied for a test in school and there was a studying breaking point; if you don’t know the material by now, you’re not going to learn it an hour before the test. Or at least that was my mentality.

That said, tapering is actually feeling really good this time around. I’m in the mood for shorter runs to keep me energized and ready for the race on Sunday. My “long run” yesterday was only 6 miles, which, at this point in training, feels like I’m slacking. But, I hit the streets a little later than normal (right around dusk) and it was a super warm and refreshing evening. I even felt my body hit its stride around 5 miles, which means I’m still in longer run training mode and I could have definitely kept going.

So, I guess what I’m getting at is: this week is all about hydration and preserving the strength that I’ve built up and I’m SO EXCITED FOR SUNDAY.



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