Munday Runday: Finishing isn’t the goal

Recently, I had a long run of 11 miles, and something different happened on this run.

I knew I was going to finish.

My first 10 miler I ever ran was last year, to train for the half, and I struggled with it. The weather was hot and humid, and part way through, I had to stop and couldn’t get started again. It was pretty demoralizing. And even some long runs I’ve had since, I’ve thought to myself, “just run it slow and steady and finish it”.

I can’t say that hasn’t worked – it helped me get through the River Run, which I was woefully underprepared for. But the last few long runs I’ve had this year, not only have I finished, but I felt…fine. In fact, I felt like I had more energy left in me. Going into this 11-miler, for the first time for a run this length, I wasn’t concerned with making it to the end, and was actually focused on pushing my pace down.

And lo and behold, I was right. Despite being a bunch more tired at the end, I did finish the run, with a pace I was happy with, and felt good about having pushed myself. Let’s hope I feel the same way after my 12 this weekend!



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