5th Annual Love-a-Stray Fur Fun 5K

Sunday, April 24, 2016
~55°F, 9:00am at Avon Lake High School

The Love-a-Stray Fur Fun 5K is one of our favorite races, for sure! K and her dad returned for their 3rd year and R for his 2nd, there was no question that this race was staying on our monthly calendar. We actually drove separately this time (that’s right, folks, #guhadontdrive might be a little inaccurate now…) since R hadn’t preregistered and Avon Lake is quite a drive, especially after an hour to get to Cleveland for K’s dad.

We got our packets, went back to the car and took bathroom breaks as needed, with just enough time to line up and start running! Of course, the race started with “Who Let the Dogs Out”. Pretty sure that’s a perfectly fitting tradition!

The race was beautiful, as expected, covering a nice path through a wooded area. We even got to see some deer again! The three of us had some good laughs, too, as someone ran up behind us with a stroller and we heard some baby talk urging us out of the way. “It’s his horn!” the man said…we melted.

We wandered around the lot after the run looking at puppies and puppy goodies. We had close call at the Love-a-Stray booth, where R almost took a dog home with him! We were looking at the picture cards with all the dogs available for adoption, and R said out loud how cute a dog named Doogan was. The fine folks at Love-a-Stray overheard, and exclaimed, “Doogan’s right here! You can meet him!” Ugh. It was hard to say no, but Arya doesn’t need a brother quite yet. To support the cause we were running for, here’s Doogan’s profile. Here’s hoping he goes to a good home. 🙂

After the race, we went to Jake’s on the Lake for some brunch and were excited to find a $5 Bloody Mary on the menu! Yes! We also asked to sit on the patio, as there was barely a breeze and the sun was perfect for patio times.

The Love-a-Stray Fur Fun 5K lives up to its name, in our opinion. It comes around just as the weather gets warm, and half-marathon training is ramped up, so it’s a race that is truly just “Fur Fun”. Take it easy, enjoy the warmth, and pet some puppies. What more could you want!


Last year.


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