Munday Runday: Podcasts!

Sometimes I feel a little lazy and have to use forms of media/multitasking to get myself to work out. For example:

  • If it’s more of an elliptical day, I remind myself that I can read books and magazines on the elliptical.
  • If I’m relegated to the treadmill because of weather, timing, or just (strange) preference, I remind myself that I can watch the news, HGTV, or the Food Network (I know. I have a problem. No cable at home means my gym membership is SO worth it. 🙂 )

But here’s the big one:

  • If I’m running outside and really not feeling it, I remind myself that podcasts exist.

Podcasts are amazing! I’ve always been a Radiolab fan, but I’ve just recently starting expanding to others like Love + Radio, The No Sleep Podcast, Stuff You Should Know, and Home of the Brave. (I’m really not thrilled with this season of Serial, but this isn’t the forum for that discussion…heh) My current favorite is The No Sleep Podcast, but I can only listen to it when I’m running during daylight hours. I rarely find them scary, but I have a bad habit of spooking myself on dark runs without any prompting anyways.

Do you listen to podcasts when you run? Any favorites?



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