My HGTV Addiction

If you’ve been reading my recent posts, you know that I am addicted to HGTV. I think this might be a combination of spring cleaning fever, bad weather keeping me on the treadmill, and a general love for crafts. Either way, the amount of HGTV that I’m watching makes my gym membership worth it in and of itself.

So how did I become an addict? Well, I’ve always watched either HGTV or Food Network at the gym. I’m lucky because our treadmills each have an individual TV mounted on them, so I can choose what I watch and not piss any other gym-goers off. At my old gym, I’d get stuck watching ESPN every time I went because the TVs weren’t personal, so I dreaded long runs staring at a flag whipping in the air or sports facts…nah, not for me. Lately, Food Network has started to bore me because I can only handle so much Guy Fieri and these country music stars from my childhood are not entertaining cooks ::cough Trisha Yearwood cough::. So I moved on to HGTV, but that was getting boring for me too. House Hunters is fun to watch, but once we found a house, it slipped outside of my interests. But then I found Flip or Flop. Tarek and Christina sucked me in. They’re snooty, sassy, and apparently good at what they do, because they make loads of money. But they also destroy things and make them pretty – I was immediately in love. And THEN I found Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna are THE BEST. I feel like I want to hire them and be couple friends with them. They’re attractive, funny, and I want to believe they’re down-to-earth and fun.

So, if that doesn’t show how much I’ve become obsessed, then let’s look at the fact that I’ve decided to not only spring clean, but to organize, decorate, and paint this year. All with plans to do it on a timeline like Tarek and Christina & Chip and Joanna. Does that convince you of my “problem”?

So I’m sure you’re wondering where running comes in. Not only am I running while watching these shows and really making my gym membership work, but I’m cranking out long runs. As in 9 milers that I have to restart my timed machine for. As in runs that are long enough for more than 1 episode. As in I lose track of how long I’ve been on a machine because I have to see the new owners’ reaction to their house after Chip and Joanna transform it! I’ve done more complaining about running in cold wind on the rare sunny days we’ve had lately than I have about running for 1.5 hours on the treadmill this year. Do I have a problem? Maybe. But at least I’m running while I’m binge watching. 🙂



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