City Sights: March

I like mixing up my runs and getting some mileage in downtown, but I find that I always end up on the Hope Memorial Bridge (DUH, I love the guardians). I decided to run a little loop downtown recently and got caught in a pleasantly warm, though ferociously windy rain storm. The wind and rain made it pretty difficult to get any photos (and to run), but I had one of my best runs in recent memory. I tried to get a shot of the Veteran’s Bridge – something I don’t often see on my downtown runs and this is what I got:


I kind of love this view of the bridge. When you’re driving, you can’t really take in the enormity of this structure and – maybe this is just because I don’t see it often – the pretty neat design.


I have the same problem. My routes downtown seem to end up looking the same. Whenever I think about changing it up, I go to Runkeeper to plot out some new course for the distance I want, but I get rushed and ultimately decide it’s easier to just go up and down Payne/Euclid/Superior like I always do. Laaaame.

So now that we’re getting to the longer long run season, it’s nice that I’m forced to branch out a bit from my usual! On that fantastic long run I had earlier, I decided to swing out by Burke Lakefront Airport to the East 55th Marina. I was so glad I did!


I’m notoriously bad at thinking about pictures for these posts, but the beautiful day and beautiful pier stunned me enough to pause Runkeeper and get a couple shots. I didn’t even know this marina existed, and now I’ve already been back once, and plan on going again when it warms up.

Google liked one of my photos enough that it turned it into a pretty black and white, so here’s a bonus shot from the other angle!




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