Munday Runday: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

As the Cleveland Marathon approaches, the runs are getting longer and the days are (supposedly) getting warmer. Something, as usual, seems to be up with the weather here in Cleveland, as the temperature bounces back and forth between sunny and snowy.

Last week, sandwiched between a Saturday at 34° and a Monday of 42°, a surprise Sunday reared its head at a gorgeous, slightly windy, 73°!

I had a long run of 7 miles scheduled that week, and I was a little nervous about it. When I caught wind of the sunny Sunday, I perked up a bit. At least I’d be able to enjoy a nice route outside.

Turns out, that was more helpful than I could have imagined. With the wind blowing by, the sun shining, and no need for leggings or jackets, my seven breezed by at a solid pace.

And then there was yesterday 😒

A demotivating 28° relegated me to the treadmill for my 8 miler. Listen, I’ve done long mileage on the treadmill before, but I think after the highs of last week, it felt especially disappointing to be running in place in my stuffy gym.
Such is running in Cleveland, though. Soon enough, we’ll be spoiled by those 70s everyday, but for now they’re still a treat.



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