5th Annual Lakewood Jig and Jog

Saturday, March 19th, 2016
~35°F, 10:00am, Lakewood

The Lakewood Jig and Jog 5K is one of our favorite races, hosted by Peace Racing, and always a fun time (West Park Station has hosted and provided a Bloody Mary bar the past two years — we couldn’t ask for anything better!). If you’ve been following us, you know this was the first race we wrote about on our blog (and this year will make 3 years running it together), so it’s also close to our hearts because it got our blog up and running. (Heh…) Historically, the weather has not been the greatest for this race, from snow and wind to downright freezing temperatures, it’s never quite a “get out there and run” morning, but this event makes it worth it.

K’s dad got to her house bright and early, then they set off to gather R and tackle the chilly run (and treacherous parking situation). We were all a little nervous about the cold, and to be honest, not too thrilled to be running — maybe this strangely warm winter has made us soft…but once we got going, the run warmed us up and we were cruising. There were no shoe tying struggles or wedgie issues this year, which is a good thing, even though it might make our retelling of the morning a little less exciting. Better yet, no nails were stepped on the night before!

This race is always a good one because Peace Racing knows how to put on a great race, the crowd is fun and celebratory (we even saw a little girl wearing an inflatable leprechaun hat that was just about as big as her), and it really gets the race season going. Spring and the Cleveland half marathon are always right around the corner!

We finished the race feeling good and ready for our Bloody Mary rewards!


We hit up the Bloody Mary bar immediately and had plenty of olives and pickles, though the bacon was scarce. We can’t really blame anyone for that. Bacon on a Bloody Mary bar is such a treat and us runners need protein… 😉


After our delicious cocktails, we rounded out the morning with some La Plaza tacos for lunch since we were right around the corner. Racing, Bloody Marys, and tacos, what more could you need!

-K & R

Last year.


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