Munday Runday: Epic Protein Bars

I had been eyeing the Epic protein bars in stores for awhile before I decided to give them a try. I love beef jerky, but I hate protein bars. That thick, unswallowable, chewy, mushy, sweet grossness just doesn’t do it for me. And while I love jerky, the fact that a weird hunk of potentially mushy meat is being marketed as a protein bar really makes me uncomfortable.

After having tried them a few times, I’m pretty sure I like these, but only when I’m in the mood for them. Some of the flavors are definitely not for me (ahem, chicken and uncured bacon), but I’ve found that I do like the bison-bacon-cranberry bar and the beef-apple-uncured bacon bar. The sweet and savory combinations are something I’d never think to try outside of this medium (I mean, really, when am I going to put together a bison sandwich with bacon and cranberries? Never.) but I like them and don’t feel as bad as I would if I had eaten a whole bag of beef jerky.


Have you tried Epic protein bars? Do you like them or are you going to keep your distance?



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