A New Training Plan

I wrote about my new training plan for the Cleveland Half Marathon on my personal blog earlier this week. I don’t want to get redundant here, so I’ll keep this short.

I decided to start a new training plan with the hope of locking in on my sub 2-hour half marathon a little more confidently than I did last year. I made it, but it was tough. I’m hoping that with some more speed work and targeted tempo runs, I can manage to prepare a little better this year and confidently run up those terrible hills at the end of the course. So far, the new plan has been treating me well, despite feeling a little strange about having different mileage goals (or none at all) for each week. I’m anticipating that this will work, though, and I’m excited to learn more about building speed rather than just running a whole bunch (which I’ll be doing anyways 🙂 ).




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