The Chili Bowl 5K

Saturday, February 25th, 2016
~40°F, 9:30am, Downtown

The Chili Bowl 5K is one of our favorite races, so we were super excited looking forward to running it for the third consecutive year. Even though we end up running our own race and the Hermes Garage Sale 5K in January, this race just feels like the beginning. It might be because the race is so big and the turnout is always awesome.

This year, our friend Lindsey decided to join us as ourcheerleader so that we could “brunch” together and enjoy some chili post-race, so we had even more to look forward to!

The weather was remarkably different this year (though you’ll notice that K apparently has a favorite pullover for this race…). No snow and the worst of it was the wind! Overall, though, it was a great day for a race, with the temps lingering around 40 and the sun to keep us warm.

From what we heard during the announcements, there were about a thousand or so registrants for the 5K and walk. Hanging out at the Galleria beforehand felt like a party!

The race itself went wonderfully for the both of us. The route was straightforward, up and down St. Clair, and flat aside for a hill taking us around by the stadium.

We separated near that hill, and met up again after the run. K crushed it, coming in at 24:32 – a new PR!! And R was pretty pleased with his pace of 8:44, seeing some of the gains from the pace work this past month. But despite running fast, we got back to the Galleria and found that the chili had run dry!

No matter. We heard via twitter that the good people of the Chili Bowl refilled the trays a few minutes later, but the gang was already long gone at Winks, filling our tummies with Bloody Mary goodness. 🙂

So with three Chili Bowls down, and hopefully many many more to go, we’re glad to say this race was another great time, and we can’t wait till next year.

-K & R


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