Munday Runday: Donating Shoes

Since I got new shoes, I thought maybe my collection is growing a little too much.

My shoe shelf in the basement was just taking up space, so in a moment of wild new year cleaning spree thoughts, I decided to donate my old running shoes!

6 pairs of shoes hiding out in the basement

Since deciding to do so, I’ve had many second thoughts. But I keep coming back to how it’ll make me feel to donate to a good cause and to get clutter out of the house. My goal in 2016 is to keep clutter under control and this was a big hill (I’d call it a mountain since I’m wired like a neat freak and hoarder at the same time) to get over, but one of the first and easiest tasks I could complete.

Luckily, Anytime Fitness in University Heights has a shoe donation box that goes to a local high school. Thinking of the kids that get to wear these shoes and do amazing things makes me tear up a little. These shoes have brought me so much joy and I’m excited to pass them on.

Saying goodbye on the kitchen floor



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