Barre classes and #miamibutt

E and I decided to go to Miami for our 7th anniversary so I’ve had something on my mind for a couple of weeks in anticipation of this trip: my butt. I’ve never really been concerned with my booty, but lately I’ve felt like I need to devote more time to squats. I used to do 10-20 squats after every run, but then I got lazy. I also used to have to go up two very steep flights of stairs to get into my apartment and then to my room, so I had a built-in workout multiple times a day (and even more on laundry days when I had to go down to the basement). Anyways, a few factors have come together and I feel like I’ve lost some glute definition. Miami has put a lot of…pressure on my…butt. So I’ve started my quest for a #miamibutt. To me this just means keeping up with my workout schedule (adding some more squats to my routine…ugh) and treating my body a little better. Less junk food, more vegetables; less beer, more water.


This past Tuesday I decided to take a barre class after a friend (hi, Laurel) convinced me I might like it and that it’ll help with toning and flexibility. I have zero dance background (unless you count the Werq class Laurel also convinced me to take) and am very aware that I’m stiff and not very good at pilates or yoga, so this seemed…perfect? The Movement Factory ran a great Groupon, so I purchased that knowing that I’ll be locked in for 10 classes and HAVE TO challenge myself more than once.

Challenge was an understatement. I was shaking and the instructor had to adjust my form a handful of times. A lot of the movements involved were new to me, but I eventually got the hang of it. Unfortunately by the time things started to become familiar, I was weak and worn out! Luckily, The Movement Factory is awesome. Our instructor, Alyssa, was super nice and helpful and I didn’t feel like I was being judged for being so confused. I’m excited (but still nervous) to take the other 9 classes my Groupon allows. Unfortunately, scheduling doesn’t work out for more than one or two more classes before Miami, so I’m not sure I’ll be FULL #miamibutt in 9 days, but it’s definitely a start!

If you’re curious about barre, I recommend The Movement Factory in Lakewood. Things you should know for your first barre class:

  • Bring a yoga mat;
  • Bring a water bottle;
  • You will be practicing in your bare feet;
  • You will work arms with small hand weights;
  • Posture is important: quality over quantity with these moves;
  • You will focus on different muscle groups in sections, holding and repeating poses a lot–it moves quickly even though it’s a lot of concentrated movement.

I hope to be able to work this into my routine as I transition to training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon this spring!

PS I’m writing this on Wednesday morning and the soreness has yet to kick in, but I just know it will. I’m hoping my planned workout this evening isn’t too painful…



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