City Sights: January

Can you believe this weather?!

I was disappointed that I couldn’t run in December when we were having crazy warm weather, but then January saw how much attention December was getting and decided to give us some spring right before February took over.

Temps nearing 60 got me outside the last weekend of January and I couldn’t have been happier. I’m getting my endurance back and was able to tackle the Cedar Hill a few times. This is one of my favorite natural training spots, providing quite a challenge no matter how strong I’m feeling. This hill, unlike the quick, steep Mayfield hill, feels like it goes on forever.

Looking down the hill (also a super scary spot when it’s snowy/icy out).
The bottom of the hill, right at turnaround. Intimidating.
Once you get around a small curve, you realize it DEFINITELY isn’t over yet.

I had so much fun tackling the Cedar hill this weekend in a tshirt and breathing in the delightful spring-like air.


Cedar hill is looking closer than ever to me, as I finalize the papers on my Cleveland Heights house. You know me, and you know how I love my city scape, so it’s going to be tough leaving the downtown area, especially as cool new things are happening. The Public Square renovation, the brand new take on the Flats, and the apartment complexes in the works make me sad to leave.

So yesterday, as I ran around the sights I’m so used to, feeling kind of bummed, I stumbled across a building that filled me with some hope – the Global Center for Health Innovation (aka Med Mart).

It was a little dark on my run, so I snagged this picture the day after.


It’s shiny and new, and even cooler on the inside! And the best part is, it may keep me downtown!

Even though I’m leaving, my company may be moving offices, and this is one of the options. So here’s hoping I get the best of both worlds after the move!



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