Hermes Garage Sale 5K

Saturday, January 16, 2016
~30°F (plus intense windchill), 8:30am, Edgewater Park

We love the Garage Sale 5K! It’s unique, fun, and gets our blood flowing and ready for winter runs. Plus, you get to choose from a selection of shirts that spans the whole year of Hermes races–you could end up with another of your favorites, a cool design, a long sleeve, or a tech tee. It’s up to you! AND Hermes get to clean up a bit before the new year of races starts!

Getting to this race was unusually calm for us. No running late, no crazy weather (other than the wind coming off of the lake that made everyone question what they were thinking coming to a January race in Cleveland). Just driving to Edgewater like normal. What was unusual was the actual race!


I completed TWO workouts on Friday, the day before the race. I did my usual 3 miler at the gym in the morning and then attended a WERQ dance party/class for the first time in the evening. The combination of these exercises and not being accustomed to dance workouts really made for a struggle. Edgewater 5Ks are easy peasy for most runners in Cleveland because, well, most races are held there. I’m used to the route and I know exactly what to expect, so I wasn’t worried about my overexertion the day before. Well, I was quickly proven wrong. It wasn’t a nagging pain that held me back this time; I was, to put it simply, exhausted. My muscles didn’t have enough recovery time or fuel to blast through this race and I ended up feeling like I was going to just drop to my butt and sit during most of the course. My brain was certainly going faster than my body. While I was still happy with my time at the finish, I felt pretty bad at the end of the race. It was SO WINDY and cold and my body could barely make it back to the car.

Lesson learned: Don’t WERQ for the first time before a race.


JEEZ this race was cold. I mean, it wasn’t actually all that bad, but after months of being spoiled by El Niño’s warm weather, this really threw me off my game. I didn’t really have gloves or a hat or even my jacket, which has somehow eluded me this past year. I had a great time whining about the cold while picking up our packets and lining up for the run, which I’m sure K looooved. Once the run started though, I started to feel pretty great! My fingers and ears where all but frozen off, but I guess, as K said, at some point this past year these Edgewater 5Ks had become rote. Even the hill wasn’t so bad! And thanks to K’s sore and weary muscles, I was actually able to keep up with her for once. 🙂

Bonus: R’s need for better winter running gear brought us to Target where we downed some necessary hot chocolate.



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