Munday Runday: Running Bets

I (unlike E) am not a gambler by any means, but I’ll enter a bet I know I can win.

For example:

When we went to my in-laws’ for Christmas, I entered a high stakes bet with my FIL. I don’t like guns, but he does. He doesn’t run, but I do. He wants me to shoot a gun, so I saw an opportunity to say yes without ever having to do it. The initial bet was if I went shooting, he’d go running. But then he wanted me to shoot a particular gun, thus raising the stakes; his distance went up to a half marathon. The bet was on!* My MIL started getting worried he would actually try it and hurt his already hurt knee. “I’ll get it replaced before the race!”

FIL was so confident that he could train for a half marathon in September that I actually started getting scared that I would have to go to the shooting range. We woke up in the morning and he requested that if we drink more, I shouldn’t let him up the wager to a full marathon. I promised not to.

We never called off the bet, but I think we might have a mutual understanding that it likely won’t happen.

*alcohol was involved



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