Running Clothes Haul

When I cleaned out my t-shirt storage, I realized that I’m lacking bottoms. I can go a pretty long time without doing laundry for running tops, but running bottoms are what usually stop the streak. Of course, with the new year, activewear is all you see on ads and in displays, so it’s like the universe was telling me to BUY RUNNING PANTS. Anyways, last weekend was the Cleveland Marathon kickoff run and that inspired me even more, so I hit up TJ Maxx and Target for some affordable new items to start the year.

First, I got some new running bras. In my last clothing posts about bras and bottoms, I mentioned some of my favorite brands, which I stuck to for the most part in this shopping haul.

Apologies ahead of time for the wrinkles. It’s so hard to keep the cats out of my business (I’m not mad, they’re the cutest), especially when I’m spreading clothes out.


I picked up two bras at TJ Maxx for less than $15 each. They’re super affordable, great brands, and in the couple times that I’ve used them in the past week, I’ve found that they’re also super effective! I plan on getting rid of some of my old running bras to make room for these two so that I don’t create more clutter so early in the year. 😉


Marika bra frontMarika back

You may remember that I’m a huge fan of Marika. I feel like the quality of this running gear is exactly what I’m looking for and the price point at TJ Maxx is perfect. The fabric is effective and the designs are often funky and cute. Why go plain when you can get a crazy pattern?

90 Degree by Reflex

90 degree bra front90 degree bra 2

My crazy pattern thought brings me to this bra by 90 Degree by Reflex. I’m in LOVE with this spacey, geometric, and colorful bra. I tried to snag some leggings to match, but couldn’t find my size. Huge bummer. This bra was labeled for yoga, as I think most (if not all) of this brand is, but I’ve found it to be good running quality as well.


I also got some leggings because that was the catalyst for this shopping spree. While I was at TJ Maxx, I picked up one funky pair and I ordered 3 more from Target.

RBX Active

RBX leggings

I’ve never heard of RBX Active and I’m still feeling out these pants. The bad: the length is a little weird, but that could be because I’m short. The good: the waist hits pretty high, so no sagging and uncomfortable pinching. The combo: these elements make the fit a little strange upon first impression. I’ve only run in these once, so I may have more thoughts later.

C9 Champion

c9 leggings

Ahh, yes, my first fitness gear love, C9 Champion. Target was having a sale on C9 gear, so I snagged these “foil” leggings. Again, I can’t really bring myself to do plain activewear, so the foil made these OK.


Mossimo leggings

Confession: I love Mr. Kate. I follow her on all social media and am always getting ideas from her, including what workout gear to buy. She posted a picture of her new sequin print Mossimo leggings and I immediately needed some. Hers were blue and looked incredibly realistic in the photo (so much that I thought she was actually working out in sequins). The fabric seems pretty good for workouts and the prints are wild. I haven’t run in these yet, but

I’m hoping these are good for some chillier runs in fall and spring (probably not COLD winter runs). I’m also hoping these work out because the prints of these leggings are so enticing. I had to stop myself at 2 pairs but I’m keeping an eye on these, praying for a small to come back in stock.



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