Munday Runday: RLRF

It’s 2016! It’s time for resolutions!

In 2014, I resolved to run 300 miles and I fell a bit short 😦

In 2015, I resolved to run 350 miles and I did it!! 🙂

And in 2016, I’m going to resolve to run… faster!

I’m actually not sure yet what my goal will be, but I know I want it to be based on performance or quality of my runs. This was inspired in part by my Christmas present to myself: Run Less Run Faster.

RLRF 2012 web

I really wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to get it, because 1. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it and 2. I wasn’t sure if it was good advice. But, skimming it at the store caught my interest enough, and so I brought it home.

As far as I’ve read so far, I’m excited! It seems to focus on training at your level, paying attention to cross-training/warm-ups/stretches/strength training (instead of just piling on the miles), and running at a high enough intensity to increase your speed.

Let’s see what 2016 brings!



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