City Sights: December


I was unable to run most of the month of December, so I didn’t really get a lot of opportunities to explore and capture some city sights. When my restrictions were lifted, I bought some new shoes and took a couple of quick little jaunts around my in-laws’ home in Hamilton, Ohio. Both runs were incredibly wet, rainy, and gloomy–I loved it! It was really strange to be running in downpours and checking out Christmas lights, though.

IMG_2423 IMG_2420

I had a lot of trouble slowing down to take these photos, but I think the movement added a little more interest to them…OK, so December was rough for my city sights. Moving on.



December was rough for both of our city sights it seems. While I did do a lot of running (by necessity), I was mostly on the dreadmill for the winter, so I didn’t get to take in a lot of the sights.

Copy of IMG_20151210_214324

Not the most exciting thing in the world. But hey, maybe this is a good time to point out that I won’t be doing downtown city sights for all that long: Within the next few months, I should be moving out and joining K in Cleveland Heights!

More details to follow! Happy 2016!


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