Munday Runday: T-Shirts

A month or so ago, I got frustrated with the mess I had made of my closet with my running clothes, so I decided to do some organizing and cleaning. From my past posts, you know that I have trouble getting rid of things and my race shirts are no exception. I opted to pack away any shirts that weren’t from 2015 races (that covers about 4 years) and continue to pack the 2015 ones away as the months tick by in 2016.


This is what the top of my storage looked like due to the weight of all of the t-shirts.


I spread them all out to reminisce and I guess give the cats a nice play/nap area.


Folded, they don’t look like much…


…but the space they take up in this box is…


…super valuable in my already-destroyed closet organizer.


What do you do with old race shirts?



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