Running While Sick

Being sick is no fun. There’s all kinds of sick, but almost all of them make you want to curl up in bed with a blanket and tea and Netflix.

arya blanket

Then you check your training schedule, and see that you’re supposed to get in 4 miles today, and you’re not excited about falling behind. What do you do?? Stay cozy, or brave the pave(ment)? (I made that up do you like it.)

When it comes to the literature, the jury’s still out, and it largely depends on the type of illness you have. A common principle I’ve seen is: if it’s below the chest, stay in and rest (omg I am on fire.)

Much of that may have to do with stomach issues. We can all imagine how unpleasant of a run that would be, and of course you don’t want to tempt fate and invite a disaster.

The past week or two, I’ve had a pretty brutal chest cold. Ask K; she’s not happy with my projectile coughing. But the end of the year’s coming up, and you know I’ve been slacking on my resolution. So mucus be damned, I’m powering through my miles. And to be honest, it doesn’t feel the worst. I’m not sure if I’m helping my recovery or not, but I’m definitely getting more done during my sickness than if I were to just languish.

How do you deal with sickness and training? Run it off, or rest up and recover?



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