Munday Runday: Race Medals

A couple of weeks ago I talked about saving my race bibs, so I obviously save my race medals. I know some people may scoff at the participation medals, but I still think they’re a great way to commemorate the day and your accomplishment, so why not relish in the fact that you got something at the end of a race? (I feel a little differently when it comes to children in school and development achievements, but WOW that is not appropriate to debate here…) Maybe this is because I still feel fairly new to the sport, but I love everything that comes with running a race – the swag, the bib, the endorphin rush.

Anyways, I have all of these medals and no idea what to do with them. I had them hanging on nails in our old apartment, but I feel like I want to do something a little more…decorative with them and nails just won’t cut it. Right now they’re even further from decorative, hanging out in a ziploc bag since we moved to Cleveland Heights in September of 2014. So, tell me, WHAT DO I DO WITH THESE THINGS?! Have you found any display or storage methods that are simple and look appealing? Let me know, because I’m stumped.