City Sights: November

Progressive Field

November was warm. Strangely and amazingly warm. I went on my first ever “lunch run” and loved it (but probably won’t be doing that anymore since I don’t have access to a shower at work and the cleansing wipes I used left me with a rash that lasted 24 hours). The weather was perfectly sunny and windy for a run that didn’t leave me overheated or freezing. I ran from the PNC building downtown to Mitchell’s on West 25th and back for a nice 4 miles, catching sight of the Guardians of Traffic, happy lunchers, the Westside Market, and Progressive Field.

I’m not a huge sports fan, but considering how ahem well our teams do, I feel like people often forget that our city has some great sporting facilities. And, despite some displeasure with our rebranding (Progressive Field, Energy Stadium…), these brands and facilities are symbols of our city. We should embrace them, especially on days like the ones we had in November! I mean, just look at this:



The Agora

And speaking of symbols of our city, sports isn’t all we have! Cleveland isn’t the “Rock and Roll Capital of the World” for no reason. While of course the Rock Hall and the city’s coining of the term “rock and roll” is primarily why we have the moniker, it’d be a shame to forget about the amazing and revered concert venues all over the town that keep us true to our name.

And in this city sights, I want to mention an old musical establishment that I have the pleasure of running by on a weekly basis: The Cleveland Agora.


It sits just shy of the corner of Euclid and 55th, my usual turning point on my downtown runs. To be honest, a lot of the road east of Playhouse Square can get a bit dreary, so I treasure the inspiring sight of a historic venue and its awesome vintage sign when I get to it.