Munday Runday: Running while hungover

Bluh. Ugh. No.

It’s 7:45am and my mouth feels like cotton and K keeps calling me and I can still taste whiskey on my breath.

Running while hungover. Story of my life.

Well, not really, but it’s happened enough times that it’s not altogether strange anymore. And from what I’ve read, it’s not just me!

Turns out that going out for a run is a great way to start recovering from your crazy night out, as you’ll start to flush out the toxins floating around inside you. Like the link says, you probably won’t be setting any PRs, but hey, at least you’re out there.

Just this past Thanksgiving, K and I decided to head out for a bit on our country’s biggest bar night, and well, one drink turned into three, as it tends to. Waking up was a struggle, but getting out on the road felt great! What a nice way to start the holiday.

So, my fellow drinkers turned runners, don’t despair just because your wild night turned into a bleary morning. Pound some water, lace up, and drag yourself outside for a few miles! Because, in the words of this wise runner redditor, “Running while hungover is called being a runner.”



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