Munday Runday: Race Bibs

I’ve already talked about my hoarding tendencies, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I save my bibs from races. I have all of my bibs since I started racing! I write down my time, pace, where I placed in my age group, and where I placed overall on the back of them and really treasure having all of that physically in one place.

Since R and I decided to do the race-a-month-challenge and obviously took selfies at the end of every race, I’ve also been adding photos to the backs of my bibs. (Now that I’m thinking of it, I may even look through my photos to see if I have some to add to the other races I’ve run in the past as well.) This makes my bibs even more valuable, with all of my stats and photo memories included.

For me, this is a weird sort of scrapbooking. I’m saving all of the details and memories of my races and it’s fun to look back to see how I’ve changed, both physically and in the numbers. I’ve found that this simple ring keeping everything together and in order is perfect for storing these memories (I’ve tried actually scrapbooking and it just didn’t work out for me in this case), and I have them hanging next to my desk at home.

What do you do with your old bibs?