St. Luke Church 5K Pilgrim Run and Michalko Mile

Saturday, November 14, 2015
~40°F, 9:30am (or 9:35 for some of us), Lakewood Park

Well, folks, it happened again.

Yep, you guessed it.

R slept in. Again.

This time, he was awakened by K’s second attempt at calling him at roughly 9:06 am, after 3 frantic texts starting before 8:30am. In a groggy voice, he admitted that it may take him just a liiiiiittle longer to get ready but he’d be down ASAP.

After an 18 minute drive that we did in something more like 11 minutes, we rushed into a spot near the start where the runners were already all lined up. The cops laughed as we tried to pull in, once they realized we weren’t just passing through and were actually there to run the race that would be starting in 30 seconds. Leaving behind headphones, armbands, etc., we sprinted over to registrations, yelled our names out, snagged our bibs without pinning them, and bolted to the course, where we’d already lost sight of the pack. Is there an award for running the whole race carrying your bibs? Yes? OK, we win!

At this point, R was just waking up and K had already used most of her energy at the gym this morning. The beginning of the race was rough for obvious reasons, but we shared a laugh with the police officers that saw us hauling to catch up to the more responsible runners.

The comical start to this day turned around and we had one of the best runs we’ve had – the race itself was a great one and we ran better than anticipated. Hard to say for sure, but maybe R’s FitBit-inspired speedwork is why his time was about average, and K somehow pulled out a 28:12! Maybe it was the morning gym warm-up, the adrenaline from feeling murderous toward R, or the fast pace out of the gate trying to catch up, but that’s pretty solid for starting late!

So spirits were somehow high at the end of the run, and as we huddled in the pavilion clutching our waters and bananas, we got one more fun surprise! We met Dan Saracina of Peace Racing, who you may have seen around these parts a few times. We were actually keeping an eye out for him, since we’re big fans of Peace Racing’s events. While massive, crazy races certainly have their place in our hearts, we really enjoy something more personal every now and then. This race and others like the Jig and Jog really create a more local, personal feel with the organizers and the other runners. Also, being able to see the whole group of runners at once (especially if you’re 5 minutes late) is a reassuring feeling…

All in all, the craziness didn’t keep us from having a good time, and we can’t wait to make this one of our annual races.

-K & R

P.S. – This is one of the quickest race recaps we’re ever written, thanks in part to motivation after our ridiculous morning, but mostly to our beautiful home-base workspace, Vintage Tea and Coffee (Happy birthday! One year old this past Saturday)!


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