Munday Runday: The Pause Button

Do you press the pause button on your run tracker? I’ve only done this a few times because I’ve had mixed feelings about it for the entire time I’ve been running. I often wonder at remarkably long stop lights or busy intersections if it’s appropriate to hit pause and stop the timer on the run. That red light eats into my average time per mile, and no one else needs to know I stopped the clock, right? I mean it’s only 30 seconds or so…but it’s 30 SECONDS. That’s quite a while in the running world. But is it that long during, say, a 3 mile run that no one is judging?

This is what happens in my head at those crossings and I don’t even get time to hit pause in most cases.

But if you think about it, isn’t a stop at an intersection the same as a rolling pause at a water stop during a race? The timer certainly doesn’t pause during races. I think this is why I lean toward just letting RunKeeper do its thing while I stand lamely and wait for cars to speed by.



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