City Sights: October

October is one of my favorite months. It can be nasty cold, or perfectly warm and absolutely gorgeous. The leaves are all changing or changed and a lot of times, we get a peek at some blue sky and sunshine. But, that’s not to say the grey days aren’t beautiful too. I love going for a slightly rainy fall run and seeing the scenery take on a different tone. The trees are a little scary and the mansions (I mean, castles, really) on East Overlook, west of Coventry are particularly ominous. When I first started running, I loved coming up to East Overlook because it was a great change of scenery and I could ogle the homes that were such a stretch from dorms and Little Italy apartments. I have my favorites and I love them most on the typical grey Cleveland days, when there’s a little gloom to add to the mysterious vibes of the old architecture.

East Overlook house
Go exploring – you never know what kinds of castles and history could be hiding behind some landscaping.


Those castles of East Overlook, and most of the houses in Cleveland Heights really, never fail to astound me. Of course I love the big beautiful classic look that so many of them have, but what really catches my eyes every time is the sheer diversity of the architecture. House after house after house, each one is different from the next. And not just a new shade of brick and some extra door frame decoration – I mean completely, wonderfully different. Now, this may not seem so remarkable to some of you, especially if you’ve been born and bred in an old city like ours. But cut me a break – this is where I came from!


Behold! The suburbs of Beavercreek, Ohio, and the streets where I lived for 10 years.

Short cropped lawns, and row after row of nearly identical houses. Now don’t get me wrong; I actually loved growing up here, and these were the cul de sacs where I ran my first miles, toyed around with Couch25K, and started to push myself athletically for the first time. Cookie-cutter houses don’t have to be miserable!

But they’re no castles.