11th Annual Great Pumpkin Fun Run and 5K

Sunday, October 25, 2015
~50°F, 9:00am, Lakewood Park

We decided to have a “working” happy hour about a month before the race and after a few drinks, had A GREAT IDEA. Let’s run in costume and, even better, let’s run in prom attire!!

What a great idea!, said R. A few short days later, there he was at Savers in Rocky River, with Anna helping him figure out how a halter top works. After two different stores, at least 8 different outfits, some laughs, and some tears (turns out he’s a size 19/20 “it’s the shoulders, the SHOULDERS!”), he finally said yes to the dress.


It was 80s and hideous and ruffly and amazing. As you can see.

4 days before the race, K did some shopping herself. On Amazon, with Prime shipping. Wow, she thought, boys really do have it easy!

As with most prom nights, the gentleman (K) picked up his date around 8…except it was “am”, not “pm” and the lady (R) wasn’t dressed for the dance when she got in the car…

We picked up our packets and as K pinned hers on, R started to panic. He had to go back to the car and put his dress on and then RUN A RACE IN FRONT OF PEOPLE IN HIS BEAUTIFUL GOWN. “…can you zip me?” he timidly asked K and then sat in the car, so full of prom race jitters, he almost forgot to pin his bib on.

While at first he wouldn’t let K go anywhere without him, pretty soon all the loving attention from older women who recognized his dress got him more comfortable. I mean, there’s only so many times you can hear “awww you look so pretty!” before you believe it, right? He even got a promposal from an admiring gentleman on the way to the starting line!

As far as the race itself, the weather turned out to be pretty pleasant for running, despite some shivers before starting. The course was pretty flat the whole way through, and weaved in and out of some pretty neighborhoods in Lakewood. The camaraderie among the other runners was encouraging, especially for those in costume and it was really fun to see everyone just having a good time. This was definitely one of the more “fun” races we’ve ever run because everyone was smiling and giggling (whether at others’ costumes or themselves).

While we didn’t win the duo costume (an adorable dad and daughter PB&J pair did – rightfully so, because we gushed over them when we first saw them lining up to run. TOO CUTE.), we both had a great time at prom, and we’re pretty sure we came away with king and queen (of giggles). 🙂


And with all this talk of dresses, it’s worth noting that this Great Pumpkin race was supporting a great cause, as well: scholarships for the Lakewood Women’s Club, and outreach for Trinity Lakewood! We can’t wait to come back!

-K & R


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